Back In The Day I Said… Vol1

Back in The Day I said:


07.02.99 – LOS ANGELES – Plastic surgeons are using injections of Botox, a chemical derived from botulism, to help rid vain women of certain facial wrinkles. When injected locally, the chemical paralyzes subdermal muscles which produce a smoother facial surface. Botulism is a toxin which affects the central nervous system and can often result in death, though scientists say that there aren’t any risks involved with Botox due to its purity.
[We are] anxiously awaiting the proliferation of the inevitable horrific side effects and would love to be the first news source to interview the plaintiffs involved in the class-action lawsuits which will follow. Just wait.



12.19.08 – (NBCLOSANGELES.COM) Sunset Strip dermatologist with a celebrity clientele was arrested Thursday for injecting patients who wanted to get rid of facial wrinkles with a fake Botox that can cause terrible side effects, federal officials announced.





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