My Musical Tastes Are Pretty Excellent

I consider myself to be a very good judge of music. My musical tastes are post-proto-nouveau-inustrial-prima-trance and retro-mod-acid-jungle-gypsy-tonk.


You’re probably digging all the mainstream bands, but I’m totally into the indy scene. I like bands you’ve never heard of and probably never even thought to research. You’d probably have to research the keywords for 2 weeks just to know what to search for. I like genres that indy music critics race to review only to be rejected by their editors for missing their deadline. I like 0-3hr g3nr3z. I like genres that are obsolete ten minutes after they’re created.


I get asked a lot what my favorite bands are, so my favorite bands are:

    Crystal Mepos – a Danish dust-metal ego-pop group.
    Zanikkit – all industrial neo-brusque tribal bells from Paraguay
    Wyclef Palate – satirical punk-ambient jazz-opera.
    Jerpis – synth-panflute slowjam-woogie. Luxembourg.
    Fiienen Lœn – kravok-sanyk razzmatazz.

Don’t bother looking these up on Google because the references will have been archived by the time you search for them, and you don’t even know which archives to go to. I could tell you, but there’s no guarantee that the archives will be around by the time you read this, or by the time you got into contact with me to verify that the archives I mentioned are still in business.


I kind of pity you though because you have no idea who they are and how amazing they are. I might burn a CD for you, but I might be dead by the time you read this.



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