Alvin, Nutty Alvin…

At noon on Sunday, February 12, 2006 Nutty Alvin emailed me about a job ad I’d floated into the Craigslist ether. While I don’t work on Sunday, I shot him a quick email and told him that I’d give him a call sometime on Monday. Within less than 24 hours Alvin phoned me four times, left three voicemail messages and ultimately convinced himself that I was standing him up like a like an ugly girl on prom night. By 11:56am on Monday he’d diagnosed me as mentally ill on the basis that I did not return his calls quickly enough.


I was pretty incredulous so I phoned him back, but I guess he was pouting; Alvin didn’t answer his phone. I left a voicemail to announce that I accepted his withdrawal of candidacy from the position at my company. I taunted him to call me back, but he never did.


Alvin, Nutty Alvin. May you forever bring joy to my readers and to me with the following recording:


<Download> Russ Carney of America – Nutty Alvin.mp3
1:01 (1.41 megabytes)



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