Dian, Jane or Dora? Who’s The Real Scientist?

I’ve seen a lot of things out there in life. A lot of things. And sometimes it’s difficult to discern truth from fiction, especially when it comes to liberal, bleeding-heart feminist propaganda. So I will use the scissor of conservative truth to cut through that politically correct feminist dogma and to expose the truth. But first, a quiz:


Please think about this very carefully for a few minutes. Of the following three women from history (or maybe more appropriately from “herstory”,) who is an actual scientist and who is fake? Dian Fossey, Jane Goodall or Dora The Explorer?



Yes, I know your kind. You’re semi-literate and you’ve been taught some really compelling “facts” by some very “reputable” people. The brainwashing likely began as early as nursery school when your overlords taught you that “there are 26 letters in the English alphabet.” Yeah, sorry, sweetheart, but for starters double-U is a total phony because it’s not even two Us, it’s two Vs stuck together, and it shouldn’t count as another letter anymore than EE, OO, RR or LL would. Your controllers continued to shape your mind in elementary, middle and high school. And then your college professors and maybe even National Geographic Magazine forced you to believe and digest everything that they endeavored to feed you. Well, big news for you, most of what you thought was true, was a lie!


You want an example, right? Well, you deserve an example. How about this one: Your elementary school teachers were the ones who taught you that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America, right? Firstly, have you ever heard of a Spaniard named “Christopher”? They lied to your face about his name! His name was Cristobal Colon! Colon? How did Colon turn into Columbus? You probably didn’t even learn his real name until sometime in middle school. More than likely you were reading your history book, got to the name Cristobal Colon and you asked “Who’s Cristobal Colon?” Your teacher dismissed you with the terse reply, “It’s Christopher Columbus.” He or she probably didn’t bother to apologize for the lie and couldn’t be buggered to explain why you were lied to or even why Colon’s name was changed. But obviously your teachers did lie. Why did they do that? Did they do it because they thought kids couldn’t learn Spanish? Of course kids can learn Spanish! Think of how many illegals are filling up our schools and they can only speak Spanish! Duh! So why did they do it? Because they are liars, that’s why! Secondly, how the heck do you discover a place (America) if there are already people living in that place? Duhh! You can’t! Cristobal didn’t discover America, that was another lie that doesn’t really get cleared up until you start taking Advanced Placement classes in high school. Why the delay in delivering the facts? Because they want to control your mind for as long as they possibly can. Once you start asking questions, everything gets mucked up, and that’s why they so calmly back down.


Here’s another example: Your teachers probably taught you that the Indians ate turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and green bean casserole and mashed potatoes and gravy and pumpkin pie at the first Thanksgiving. Yeah right! Did you ever seen a native American eating green bean casserole and drinking Martinelli’s Apple Cider? It doesn’t happen now and it never happened in history! They tell you that the Indians introduced corn to the pilgrims, but do you ever see corn at Thanksgiving outside of that ugly brown corn inside the wicker horn thingy? There aren’t any tortillas or corn breads or creamed corns or anything! Those are a few solid examples of your teachers lying to you to fill your mind with ludicrous liberal propaganda. Your crackpot teachers have been proven as liars. In court once someone is proven as a liar, you can no longer accept anything that they have told you. I, on the other hand, have no history of lying to you, so I will step in with my expertise to take over your leadership role, and I will help to reeducate you with the following facts as you need to know them:



Dian Fossey was a lie created in 1932 by American “zoology” zealots to promote a fallacious ideology that mankind descended from apes. The covert liberal plan was two-fold: (1) Get Americans to believe the lie of evolution by sending a wackjob actor to portray a “zoologist,” whatever that is, into the forest to “communicate” with monkeys and to get them to wear hats. (2) To eventually make a propaganda film about this lie along the lines of Gorillas In The Mist starring Sigourney Weaver, because middle-America has been so conditioned to believe anything that is fed to them as fact in movies. Once you fell for Sigourney Weaver’s portrayal of actress Fossey, you would be more inclined to accept the work of the “real” Fossey, and by extension, you would accept evolution as reality. No kidding! Dian Fossey was total bullshit! Dian Fossey was real in the sense that she lived and breathed, but everything else about her was a sham. It has never been proven, for example, that she spent ANY time in the jungle at all. Are there any hotel receipts? Of course not, because there are no hotels in the jungle! Gee, *big* coincidence! So she and her handlers probably made up the entire thing. It is widely believed that her murder was staged, and that her body was placed in the jungle after she was killed, as there was little blood found in the cabin that was purported to be hers. The staging of the body was done, it is said, to cover up and to further dramatize the lie that had become her life. It worked because she was essentially elevated to martyrdom after she passed, God rest her soul.



Jane Goodall was another fraud thrust upon us by the leftist wingnuts concurrent with the myth of Dian Fossey, to further promote the evolutionary agenda begun by the Fossey team. This time headed by English evolutionary propagandists instead of American, Jane’s biggest contribution was to attempt to personify monkeys by giving them cute names and to demonstrate that monkeys had “societies” similar to the way humans have societies. Yeah right. Prior to Goodall, real scientists were discouraged from naming their animal subjects to avoid anthropomorphizing them and artificially creating emotional bias. But wouldn’t you know that Dian Fossey did a similar thing. Was it a coincidence? Of course not. Why do you suppose Dian and Jane bucked the trend and started naming monkeys? You are correct! It was so that our children would ultimately be brainwashed into thinking that baby monkeys are as cute as baby humans so that our children would be imprinted with an inability to differentiate man from ape even though The Holy Bible clearly states that man hath dominion over all of the animals, including apes! As further proof of the fakery of Jane Goodall, you must acknowledge that her name was falsified as well. She was born Valerie Goodall, not Jane Goodall. I needn’t remind you that some of the biggest tyrants in history used bogus names: Pol Pot, Vladimir Lenin and Bob Dylan all come to mind. Sorry, Valerie Goodall, but we’re not falling for the lies fed to us by the writers of your elaborate press kit. I sincerely hope you didn’t waste your entire life trying to disprove The Bible. Maybe there will be a special place for you in the afterlife. (We call it HELL, Janey-cakes.)



Espousing some very important Christian values such as forgiveness, intellect, loving thy enemies, being family-oriented and exercising, Dora The Explorer is a paragon of patience and virtue. She was also a sociologist, a cartographer, adventurer and a bi-linguist. Her second language was Spanish although it was probably so that she could communicate with the illegal students in her class as well as the good English-speaking American children. While Dora does spend time with a monkey, the monkey is obviously just a monkey and is not supposed to be equal to human beings the way the charlatans Fossey and Goodall would have you believe they are. Just as it was deemed acceptable for former Republican President Ronald Reagan to star alongside a monkey in Bedtime For Bonzo it is also acceptable for Dora to star alongside her monkey companion. Though she also spends time with other animals, it is evident that they are there for comedic value and not as proof of man’s descent from lower species. To that end, we approve of you Dora. Dora is also known for being the first female explorer to put on a little lipstick. Look feminuts, if you’re supposed to be so feminine, why do you always look so gruff and manly? It’s okay to put on lipstick and a little eyeliner every once in a while, you know? I mean you don’t ever see Ann Coulter looking haggard and frumpy, do you? No, Ann always looks her best — radiant, curvaceous and mouth-wateringly sexy. Who wouldn’t want to eat a slice of her Sexual Pie? You feminist hags can learn a lesson from Dora The Explorer in this regard too, which is sad considering she’s so much younger than any of you. Like you haven’t had time to figure this all out? Shame on you.


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“These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me.” — John 14:23 (NIV)



[c] 2009 Russ of America



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    You’re obviously fucking retarded, you bigoted asshole. Go read a history book and a few other types of books, you stupid bitch.

    Quit being narrow-minded and start doing your own research, you dim-witted beast! Oh wait, calling you a beast is a compliment.


  2. The Main Man says:

    Parev, Erik, vonts es? Alright! I greatly appreciate your compliments.

    I think you have articulated exactly what I needed you to say, and I agree; That character was completely in the wrong.

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