MTA Orange Line Bike Path Dog Shit 2

I’m back, like the Joey Greco of dog shit.


These photos were taken today on the MTA Orange Line Bike Path within a one mile stretch. I made certain not to collect duplicate photos of the last batch of dog shit I took in MTA Orange Line Bike Path Dog Shit 1. I have no idea how to prevent against that in the future though, because there really is a lot of dog shit here. On the other hand, I have no ambitions of becoming a professional dog shit photographer. I just know that I can’t memorize dog shit structures or be bothered to devise an identification system. Anyway, the point of this collection isn’t do document every instance of dog shit, the point is to illustrate how prolific this fucking nonsense is a very small sample area. I took 6 photos today and turned my nose up at about five other specimens [play on words intended.] The clusters I passed were either not interesting enough; or they were too dry; or I was too lazy; or one of them was cat shit; or I’d suddenly realized that I was taking photos of dog shit, got horribly embarrassed and rode away.


Dry and unappetizing like an old Hostess Cup Cake:


This one is flat like an old beer.


This shit cluster was dropped in a hurry. No attention to art.


I think this says something. It’s almost musical in its delivery.
A turd is right here; Some more over there.
Ba-ba-ba-ba-BA, ba-BA-ba-ba-bah.


Vietcong shit. Lurking. Three clicks deep. Waiting for Joe.


This one is fresh. I feel like I almost caught the motherfucker who left it.
You can almost hear the flies smacking their lips greedily at this moist chunk.


You know my motto: Keep it Moist!



[c] 2009 Russ of America


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