The Liberry

I’ve left the RussCave for a diversion; I’ve gone to the liberry. I haven’t been to the liberry in several years. A few things stand out.


The library is not as quiet as it used to be. Phones are ringing, people are chatting with the librarian, the librarian is chatting back. The librarian is scolding some juveniles for futzing around with the 11-and-under computers when they are obviously 12-and-older. She also reprimanded some younger kids for playing around on some equipment they shouldn’t have been screwing with.


Librarians, I guess, are not just experts in library skills. They’re caretakers of the homeless, beacons of friendliness to the lonely, the elderly and the mentally challenged, managers of this useful and noble institution, and they are babysitters too. And security guards.


I also noticed that after taking the bus and sitting down at a library table, I already feel like I’m coming down with a cold. Blecch!



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