The Phantom of the Opera Foam Hand

Hi, I’ve gotten a lot of interest on this product lately, but it is still out of stock. Please check back at a later time.



LiveJournal’s Rjdaae has incorporated my excellent giant foam hand into actual Phantom performance.
Good show, mate! GO PHANTOM!



[c] 2009 Russ of America


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  1. Nicks says:

    Romance: The sensual hue of red, the rose.
    Horror: You’re bringing a friggin’ foam hand to a musical show.
    Mystery: The mask graphic. What does it hide?!
    Tragedy: It will never be in stock and the Phantom will never “win.”

    You’ve got your bases covered nicely.


  2. The Main Man says:

    Go Phantom! [pumps giant hand victoriously]
    [pump pump!]

  3. Ben says:

    This one almost made me do a Cherry-Limade spit take. Well done sir.

  4. The Main Man says:

    B: Check out the Lesser Known Books Of The Bible post for another real-life example of the Phantom hand. “Habakkuk!”. Just behind the hand and to the left is Bill Gates.

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