Four Reasons To Legalize Pot

In 1943 legendary jazz drummer Gene Krupa was accused and convicted of some rinky-dink pot possession charge. This marijuana charge stuck with him for the remainder of his life and, to some degree, forever tarnished his reputation.


Now, I want you to watch the following four videos. Let’s assume that Krupa was high as shit on marijuana drugs when he performed each of these pieces. If this was the result of being “high on drugs”, I say that we should legalize the hell out of drugs. What do you think — performance enhancing substance?






Look at his hands — YOU CAN’T FUCKING SEE THEM! Look at his joyful expressions — they can’t be contained or explained. Look at the way he feels the music. He crushes the epic stereotype that white people have no soul. If Sammy Davis Jr. looks over him with admiration and fondness, this kid has soul. Krupa deserves a retroactive pardon for any and all pot-related crimes committed by him.



[c] 2009 Russ of America
PS: Drum Boogie is a really goofy song, isn’t it?



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