Scavenger Hunt 2: The Dollar Store

Another round of fun dollar store finds.


Are these coins really ginormous? Yeah, they’re pretty ginormous. Cool side-note, for about a buck they give you about a buck’s worth of ginormous coins. Two quarters, a few dimes, some nickels and pennies. Warning! Choking hazard! If you have a baby with a ginormous throat, you shouldn’t let it play with the ginormous coins! As ginormous as the coins are, I think the ginormous penny in the BatCave was waaay more ginormouser.



Ah, what a great designer fragrant! Do designers typically smell better than other people? Obviously yes. Not sure I want to smell like polo, however. All that horseshit and English perspiration…



Kraft Singles + Spam Singles = Risk of Heart Disease? Naw, I’m just kidding. The real answer = deliciousness. I’m not a fan of the Spam. I consider it a novelty food like eyeballs, brain and testicles. I’m fairly certain that even the Hormel people think it’s a joke, allowing spam-carving contests and selling dubiously ironic T-shirts and whatnot. Last weekend I cooked up a couple of awesome rib-eye steaks for my bebbeboo and myself and I suspect she liked the grilled Spam just a wee bit more… Good to know with her birthday coming in a few months…




[c] 2009 Russ of America



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