That Nasty Freezer Smell

What the hell is that nasty freezer smell? I know it can’t be food because for the first 2 years after purchasing my brand new refrigerator I didn’t use the freezer for anything except for a big bag of ice that sat there for 2 years, and to make the occasional ice cubes in an ice cube tray. In that span of time, you could totally smell that freezer smell inside the freezer. Weird. And then I stopped making ice cubes for a while (it was winter) but I’d left the trays inside of the freezer. When I tried making ice cubes again, they were fucking horrible! Nasty! Weirdly pungent but not quite in a rotten meat way. Like, ultimate stale smell or something. I threw out the cubes and put the trays back in the freezer because I had nowhere else to put them, then began using the freezer a little more normally over the next few years.


This past weekend my bebbeboo saw that I was about to throw out the ice trays and she asked me why. I explained that it was because they smelled like freezer and you can’t get that smell out. She said that all I had to do was wash ’em, and so she starts washing ’em. With soap and everything! When she was done, she took a big sniff, yelled “EEEEWW!!” and threw the trays in the recycling bag.


What the hell is that nasty freezer smell?



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  1. Nicks says:

    Might be time to invest in some baking soda if you haven’t already.

    The memory of that stench sends chills down my spine. It’s hard to describe its repugnancy. If only that power could be used for good instead of evil.

  2. The Main Man says:

    I dunno… Is baking soda really an investment? What if I spend loads of money on it and its value only decreases?

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