The Juiciest Booties

I’m about to show you some photos of the juiciest booties. It’s only a shame that they’re attached to plastic torsos. Please restrain your drooling and your deviant sexual behavior. The following photos were taken in the parking lot at a hole-in-the-wall fashion store in a predominantly Latino neighborhood. As I exited my car I almost fell into this half-cloister of mannequin tushes. If you’ve ever been to a swap meet in a Latino neighborhood in America these are the types of mannequins you’re going to see. You’re not going to see those flat-assed boring set-ups they have at Ann Taylor or Macy’s. If this isn’t the juiciest, healthiest booty you’ve ever seen without it being attached to a pre-diabetic, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. And as I’ve said before, I am NOBODY’S uncle!


While I consider myself to be a masculine feminist, I couldn’t help but to stare lustfully at the plastic tushes. I think it is a basic biological human male heterosexual need and I don’t think that I was objectifying anyone because they weren’t real people, they were puppets.



At this distance and angle I was a little self-conscious that someone would see me taking the photo and think of me as a pervert, but being a pervert is only considered a detractor quality if you’re stupid enough to believe that there’s something better to aspire to be.



With my image editing software I do a little software zooming on these juicy swap-meet style mannequin booties. First on the left…



And now a little zooming on the right. Look at those tushes! Maybe a little Peg Bundy action on the far right in purple?



I think I have a favorite tushy!




[c] 2009 Russ of America



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