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Do you remember when PCs used to have a “TURBO” button? What the hell was it for? The button had two settings, right? Selected and UNselected. Turbo and UNturbo. There was usually a little round light next to the button that would indicate Turbo was turned on. Or if you were really lucky and had a deluxe PC, there was a green LED readout that would jump from something like 13 to 26 when you pressed TURBO. I never understood that shit. Under what circumstances would you ever have UNpressed the Turbo button? “Hmm, it’s 1989 and this computer is processing data waaaay too quickly, I’d better cut the processing power by 1/2 before something bad happens!”


Did anyone use their computer in UNturbo? I bet there were a bunch of people who did that and they probably fell under two main types: Type A had never looked at their computer or read the manual, so they had absolutely no idea they even had a Turbo button. They would use and use and use and complain and complain about how slow the damned thing was running, and eventually they’d buy a new computer. Type B knew that there was a Turbo button on their PC, but only used it on special occasions because they had a superstitious fear that running it with the Turbo on all the time would wear out the gears. Gears? Yeah, my hypothetical person is an idiot.


Did the Turbo button really even do anything or did it just make the LED read-out change from 13 to 26? Beats the hell out of me, but I am glad that I don’t have to worry about shit like that in the 21st century.


Hey, wait, what does this Scroll Lock button on my keyboard do?



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  1. RayRay says:

    I’m pretty sure I had one on my 486 DX2. What happened to cool computer names like that? I can’t even tell what my PC is called now… I even left all the stickers that advertise the features on the tower and I still can’t figure it out. Maybe I should call it Fred. I like Fred. Fredtron 9000.

  2. The Main Man says:

    LOL! You’re absolutely right. I used to be all hardcore about processors and knowing my computer’s stats, but now I think my home computer is a transparent red Intel dual-core thingy with a RAM whatchamacallit with awesome glowing blue lights. It has an after-market video card of some kind, but really all I think about are the awesome glowing blue lights. I have a small notebook computer. It’s a bluish-tinted Acer something-or-other with an Atom thing and no blue lights. It gets porn though. Both of them, actually, get porn. Lots of it. Fredtron 9000.

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