Spending Time With Foreign Television

Whenever I go to an exotic new land such as Belize or Costa Rica, or even just a different city such as San Diego, I like to spend some time with their local television programming. I like to see what kinds of channels they have , what their “Channel 2 1/2 Action News Breaking News” graphics look like and whether or not the weatherman has an uncomfortable-looking mustache.


And sometimes you get lucky and will see young women with their tits out for no reason. I’m serious! It happens! You’ll be flipping channels in the Best Western Costa Rica and -boom!- TITS! “Are you fuckin’ serious? Tits?!” I love that! Surprise tits are the best! To hell with the weatherman’s mustache, I’m going to watch some local tits!


That never happens in San Diego though.




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One comment

  1. Nicks says:

    Gaaah, look at those cute kittehs!! <3

    Sometimes I turn on Polish language on my Simpsons DVDs and pretend I’m in Warsaw, so I can understand your interest in foreign tele-vision. As amusing as foreign dubs can be on American shows, I like exotic commercials best, I think.

    You never see tits in San Diego? I beg to differ.

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