Cartoon Police Composites

Some time around October of 2003, I was messing around with an old police composite sketch program called Faces 3.0 by InterQuest. I began thinking about how I might render a description of a cartoon character if I were to have been mugged by one. Can you imagine trying to describe an adult Charlie Brown to a police sketch artist? “He’s got, uh, a big round nose kinda centered in the middle of his beady eyes. No, higher up. No, higher. A little higher than that. I’m telling you, his nose is right between his eyes. And he has this little tuft of hair or something on his forehead. No, lower.”


I recently saw a work by artist Tim O’Brien who did an excellent job of converting Charlie Brown from a cartoon into a portrait of a real man as Chuck Brown. A really, really weird-looking man. Anyhow, I felt that it was an opportune time to post my silly police composites, since all they were doing is taking up space on my hard drive. Somewhere I have an old pencil sketch of Charlie Brown as an adult, but it is nowhere remotely close to the quality of O’Brien’s work. Make sure you check him out and pay him lots of money!


Charles Brown
aka Charlie, Chuck, Chas, Carlos Castaño






Yosemite Samuel
aka Yosemite Sam



I’m especially fond of Yosemite Sam. Back off, varmint!



[c] 2009 Russ of America



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  1. Nicks says:

    These are a magical mixture of horror and whimsy. Great job; that’s a tricky combo to do.

  2. RayRay says:

    Popeye looks like a cross between a wiseguy, Tom Cruise, and my Uncle Sal. Creepy man. Just downright creepy.

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