*I* don’t see what the problem is, but “cunt” is a word nobody in America wants you to use. But I LOVE the word! I think it’s a great serrated, vicious word and it has a very important place in my linguistic arsenal. I tend to use it whenever I need an eye-opening vulgarity. It’s the kind of word that smacks you right across the back of your head. But only if you live in America. People in England apparently use it with virtually no repercussion, “Oh go take a bloody barth, you soppy little cunt!” But in America “cunt” is equivalent to the N-word for women. If you call a woman a cunt, you’re an evil, chauvinist, intolerant, demon pig, perhaps rightfully so. But even if you use it against a man you’ll get special stares and people will talk behind your back and whisper, “Russ of America dropped the C-bomb on Eric.” Well, Eric deserved it! He was acting like a cunt!

I believe in self-regulation when it comes to cursing. I don’t like to use the word “retarded” to describe something that I find to be objectionable. Or “gay” to describe something that is retarded. And I’m even uncomfortable using the word “lame” to describe something that is either gay or retarded. Each of those words means something else and I like to reserve them for more noble uses. Nobody has a problem with lame marriage or retarded marriage, but some people have a problem with gay marriage, even if all of those words mean the same thing in slang.

Cunt is one of those words that Americans reserve for use in secret, between trusted friends, on very special occasions. Like when someone complains about his ex-wife, Marjorie, asking the court for an extra $600/month in child support. Well, sure, you’re probably a deadbeat, but still, what a cunt!

What bothers me about the stigma attached to the use of this word, is the hypocrisy. It’s okay to call a person a dick, a prick or a cock. If your landlord is breaking your balls, he’s giving you the shaft by being such a penis. What a nutsack! And of course you phoned up the douche-bag, but the asshole was being a butt-head, so you told that pussy to stop acting like such a twat, that miserable c-word! Well, I shouldn’t call the guy a cunt, right? I mean, I can call him a pussy or a twat, but I should have class. I should draw the line at cunt. Even if it means the same thing as pussy or twat. Even if a cunt is in the same basic area as a dick, a prick or a cock, or even right next-door to an asshole, and even if my landlord IS being a vagina, I don’t want anyone to hear me call him a cunt. That’s just crude!


[c] 2009 Russ of America


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    I laughed my motherfucking ass off!!

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