Nora Diniro

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RCoA, as Mark Hunter, seeks out Nora Diniro


Features samples of:
Grand Funk Railroad – Inside Looking Out
Dead Milkmen – Punk Rock Girl


Nora Diniro [Nora Diniro]
Nora Diniro
Nora Diniro
Nora Diniro


Nora Diniro
Nora Diniro


Nora Diniro
Quit ignoring me, goddammit.
I’m the funniest motherfucker on the planet.


You were an influence in my life don’t you see?
I got a mouth like Richard Pryor and an ass like Tom Bosley.


If you were to ask for Rudy Ray Moore, I’d give you Dolomite.
You want an epileptic fit? I’ll go buy a strobe light.


I raise a glass of Perrier to you alpha-female,
Now please grow some balls and reply to my muthafuckin’ email.


Nora Diniro


I recall the poetry you used to pen:
“Jam me, jack me, push me, pull me,”
— But you never said ‘when.’


I did five years, and now I’m inclined
To write missives like this and get myself real deep inside your mind.


‘Eat-Me/Beat-Me Lady’ it’s on!
We’ll take our shirts off and talk until the cops are all gone.


I just don’t get it, why you don’t respond,
You told me,”Talk Hard!” and that the viral truth was our bond.
Now I’m sitting here,
Cranking out these lines,
Pining for a broad
Who cost me sixty-thousand in fines!


How come you never wrote me letters in jail?
Every day I looked for Hard Harry’s name in the mail.


I’m really hoping that I hear from you soon,
It is the twelfth of June
And I’m here pumping up the volume.


With a beat you’ve never heard,
But you’ll move to it anyway,
And shake your ass while speeding down the freeway.


I miss your presence in my microverse
And your lack of enthusiasm
Is just making it worse.


I apologize that I acted like a kid,
Why should my punishment be that I am
Eternally black-listed.


So get the keyboard out your ass,
I’ll wear a Jheri Curl.


[Yeah you’re for me punk rock girl.]
[Yeah you’re for me punk rock girl.]
[Yeah you’re for me punk rock girl.]



[c] 2002 Russ of America



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  1. Corin says:

    FLIPPIN’ SWEET!!!! I’m impressed over here!

  2. Ben says:

    That’s pretty awesome. I think I heard it before. Not sure if you sent it to me or if I found it while trying to see what you had been up to. Either way, good song!

  3. The Main Man says:

    @Corin & @Ben, I’m fairly certain you both lent critical ears when i was creating this. It was 2002 — I think we were all immersed at that point. Thank you both very much for visiting, listening and commenting.


  4. Nicks says:

    Tough luck, creepoid.

  5. The Main Man says:

    Great Nora Diniro quote, NR!

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