A Heavily Redacted Halloween

Ah, Halloween! As far as I’m concerned, it’s the purest of all the holidays, because it doesn’t matter who you are or what god you believe in; If you’re a kid and you’re dressed up real cute in Halloween gear, you’re gonna get some candy. It’s the only time of year when people really DO give without any expectation of something in return, whether it be cranberry sauce, pastel candies, flowers or gifts. But, like most other holidays, there is a heavy commercial presence. Costumes are store-bought and many are licensed from comic books, movies and books as you will see below. I wanted to help celebrate the awesome joy of Halloween, but I also wanted to protect the identities of the children involved and avoid any legal hassles from sharpshooter corporate legal teams. So I’m redacting the faces of the kids as well as all trademarked logos and images.


Happy Halloween!


Awww! The kid on the far right is hilarious with his goofy smile. He’s not wearing his mask, which could be problematic for this crime-fighting arachnid, but he really is cute! In the middle is a basketball player for the ********* *********. Going by the large 23 on his jersey he’s obviously ****** *****. I have no idea who the kid on the left is supposed to be. I’ve redacted the back of her head because certain characteristics could cause her to be identified.


Oh man, is this little guy adorable or what? I think it’s really cool that he went for the vintage ****** costume instead of the 2009 **** ****** era costume. The 1960s version is considered to be campy, but I always loved the yellow and gray. But how come he’s not wearing his cowl? The woman on the left is stoked to see this handsome little guy, no doubt because he reminds her of good television hours invested in her youth. The girl from the first picture makes another appearance here. I still can’t tell what she’s supposed to be. Can you? The adults behind them are eager to score the most candy possible from the woman on the left. Great encouragement, but the kid’s gonna need his cowl to score maximum trick-or-treat points!


Now these kids have done something a little different. Their masks are fairly simple — just different animal snouts over their own snouts. No heavy commercialism here, aside from the sweatshirts and jackets and t-shirts that they’re all wearing, which are saturated with corporate brands and slogans. But the costumes themselves exude rogue simplicity! I’m not sure what the kid in the red sweatshirt is going for though. He’s the only one not wearing a snout, as you can see. It appears that someone tried to turn his sweatshirt into a kind of cape, but they did it all wrong because the arms are still free. The effort reminds me of my youth when we’d convert black t-shirts to ninja hoods and roam the streets in search of pornography.


Wow! It’s a slew of princesses and only one female superhero! How sad that only one girl in the bunch has parents who taught her not to buy into anti-feminist ****** propaganda. Where the other girls will grow up thinking that it’s okay to perceive themselves as princesses, get plastic surgery, wear oversized “bitch goggles” sunglasses, get tramp stamps and date men who overtly resent them, this one girl (front center) will grow up to understand that she is powerful and capable of establishing her own destiny instead of building her future upon a foundation of archaic gender stereotypes. Yeah, I know, Halloween is about dress-up, but are the kids buying the costumes, or are the adults buying the costumes? Looks like mommy is trying to fulfill her childhood princess through her daughter instead of building her up like she ought to!


And finally, a mad-dash for the last call for chocolate. This mishmash entourage bumrushes the door for the final handout of candy goodness. Dolls, fairies, angels, vampires and a boy made of ferrous metal. Ah, Halloween, the most precious and the purest of all the American holidays!



[c] 2009 Russ of America
Images used under Creative Commons License – Attribution, Non-Commercial, ShareAlike
1 & 2 courtesy of El Destructo – Flickr
3 courtesy of Rapid City Public Library – Flickr
4 courtesy of Little Koshka – Flickr
5 courtesy of PDub – Flickr



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