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Tickle Me Olmos


This Christmas be sure to fight to the death for the most popular toy to hit store shelves:
The Tickle Me Olmos Plush Doll!


Squeeze his tummy and Edward James Olmos will recite all of his most popular movie lines.


Chale homes!



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But It’s Unlisted!

When I was in 7th grade my friends and I made a daily habit of crank-calling people. We’d congregate around the white Panasonic speakerphone and dial local numbers randomly. We’d usually keep it to a few prefixes that we were familiar with. We had a few routines that were fun. I liked to start out the conversation by asking them who THEY were. Which is why, to this day, if a caller begins the call with “Hi, who is this?” I always respond, “I give up.”


[ring ring]
“Hi, who’s this?”
“This is Dorothy, who is this?” Read more

Anonymous Does Not Forget


(click image for full size)



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Snuggie Honkeys

Snuggies already look like day-glo robes from a freak religious cult. But throw in a couple of overly-enthusiastic white people dancing in the kitchen with lunatic grins and, well, just look at the photo.




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Blogging Metrics


Blogging metrics are so important to anyone who tries to make people laugh via blogging. I was fortunate to see a ridiculous exponential jump in hits to my Cleft Deodorant post on November 7th. All of the hits came from StumbleUpon, though I’m unsure why it jumped so quickly. It was deliciously insane! While the status quo has been resumed, I hope that the visitors come back and find something else amusing after checking out my #1 Favorite Posts. Thanks for visiting!


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