Meredith Baxter Is Gay

Esteemed television actress Meredith Baxter, who portrayed Elyse Keaton on 1980s hit sit-com Family Ties, recently revealed during a slightly awkward Today Show segment that she is a Lesbian. But for those of us who have been following her IMDB history over the years, this is no new revelation. Why, just looking at the names of some of the projects she’s worked on over the years, it is clear that she has been trying to tell us something for a very long time:

    Bound by a Secret (2009)
    “Half & Half” (2004)
    The Wednesday Woman (2000)
    Let Me Call You Sweetheart (1997)
    “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” (1997)
    Betrayed: A Story of Three Women (1995)
    My Breast (1994)
    A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story (1992)
    Bump in the Night (1991)
    Jezebel’s Kiss (1990)
    The Kissing Place (1990)
    Kate’s Secret (1986)
    The Two Lives of Carol Letner (1981)
    Little Women (1978)
    “Police Woman” (1976)
    The Impostor (1975)
    The Stranger Who Looks Like Me (1974)
    Stand Up and Be Counted (1972)

But LULz aside, congratulations Ms. Baxter for having the courage to talk publicly about your private life. This blog and its sole writer wish you and your partner success, happiness, health, legions of support and good fortune.


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