Tiger And His 99 Problems

Tiger’s got 99 problems, but unlike Jay-Z, women seem to be all 99 of his problems. This is my official acknowledgment of the whole Tiger Woods affair — Excuse me, I meant situation — The whole Tiger Woods affair situation:

    “Blah blah Tiger Woods, blah blah, rock star?! Blah blah he think he is? Robert Plant? Blah blah Eazy-E? Blah blah, golf? Are you kidding me? Fuckin’ golf?!”

Tiger’s women troubles seem to have been foretold by a “Make It Shine With Brawny” billboard at Disney’s California Adventure, which my Bebbeboo happened to notice. Now I understand why Tiger Woods always looks like he’s about to cry!


Photo provided by Monkeyjenn of Flickr via Creative Commons License. Thanks Monkeyjenn!




[c] 2009 Russ of America (and Monkeyjenn)
Note: The following photo has been Shooped. You can tell by the pixels. I added the Nike logo and I
Caucasized the woman in the foreground, because Tiger prefers it that way. She looked bi-racial, but I figured that
for this post she could stand to get closer to her Caucasoid roots for a minute. I know that’s socially illegal and
potentially ethnically insensitive, but I also think my good Photoshopping is deserving of praise.




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