The Old Lady At The Gun Store

Instead of hurrying up with her purchase so that *I* could be helped with my purchase of bullets, because I’m all about ME ME ME and was in a real rush to get my hollow-point ammunition, a petite, dotty older lady at the gun store told the clerk a rambling story about how she’s stocking up her food reserves and emergency supplies for the future. There was a hint of 2012 apocalypse in her voice. It wasn’t Mayan doomsday, but more of a New World Order/Illuminati-flavored apocalypse, with a twist of moral decay. She said that when she mentioned her survival plans to her neighbor, he allegedly replied, “I’m stocking up on guns and lots of ammo.”
“I asked him if he’d use those guns on me,” she said. He didn’t answer.” There was genuine concern in her shaky voice.


She went on to express a specific fear that as long as Obama is in office, she can’t be certain that she will be safe in her own home or that she’ll be able to eat. So she tucked her newly purchased 12 gauge shotgun under her arm and left, ostensibly to wait out the remainder of Obama’s presidency in shade-drawn paranoia.


Enjoy your hardtack, ma’am.



[c] 2011 Russ of America


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