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I’m still trying to figure out a name for this blog. It used to be called 400% More Jackoff Magic, but I thought I was alienating a lot of people who might actually want to link to me someday. “Why on earth would you name it 400% More Jackoff Magic?” I suppose I should have called it “Wacky Musings” or something lame like that? Pfft!


Hi! I’m RCoA. I write television cartoons for a living. Have you ever heard of SpongeBob Squarepants? Probably! Well, I definitely don’t write for that show. On another note, I co-wrote, co-produced and co-starred in a web series pilot called Daryl From OnCar. It was produced as a project of love for the 2008 startup site, Strike.TV. Daryl From OnCar won Best Comedy Short at the 2009 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival. See it in its 12 minute entirety at Hulu.com. I’ve been writing throughout my entire short life under various nomes de guerre with the sole aim of making girls laugh. Someday I’ll be successful.


I say a lot of things that are based on my jaded worldview, in lieu of facts. I don’t have time to research things or to read heavy books. In fact, I think my library card was revoked decades ago. Please don’t take anything you read on these pages too seriously. Comedy is supposed to be uncomfortable, weird, hostile and provocative.


As frivolous as my works may seem, I retain full copyrights and full legal liberty to disseminate my work by my own choosing. I respectfully request that you get written permission from me before co-opting my work for your own uses. The Internet remembers everything, and “borrowing” from me without permission means that forever I will have to see my work on your shitty website, usually with no credit given to me, and I really don’t think that I know you well enough to agree to that by default.


If you’re interested in becoming a superfan, you can start by being a strong RCoA advocate and by helping to direct traffic to my site. Link to me, tell your friends about me, think of me if you hear of fun writing jobs. Beyond that, feel free to register as a user, contribute constructively to my blog and consume my Twitterrhea.


If you want to drop me an email, send one to rcofamerica. Oh that’s right, you’ll need the domain. Gmail is my post office.


Your loving manservant,
Russ of America


The spirit of this blog is dedicated to the memory of Cardine Izzo, my first best friend.


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