Daryl From OnCar

Winner: “Best Comedy Short”
2009 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival!

Thanks judges!


When Ted locked his keys in the car, he thought he was screwed. Fortunately, his brand-new fully-loaded 2007 ½ Domestic Minivan came equipped with OnCar™ – the state-of-the-art on-board navigation/ concierge/emergency help system with built-in hands-free wireless social networking and analog curb-feelers. Within moments, Daryl, Ted’s customer service ambassador, had unlocked the car remotely and saved the day.


Ted soon discovered that OnCar™ could do far more than advertised. One touch of the user-friendly red button and Daryl could get Ted virtually anything he wanted. It was like Knight Rider for the mid-life-crisis crowd. Ted considered Daryl one of the family, until Daryl became psycho-obsessive and meddlesome – like one of the family. And when Ted tried to get Daryl to back off, he discovered that you don’t mess with the man from OnCar™…


Daryl from OnCar™: a story of customer service gone horribly right.




Bob Clendenin as Ted
Michele Scarabelli as Judy


Stephen Mendel
Madelynn Fattibene
Floyd Dodd
Rebecca Scott
Gretchen Raff


Directed by David McWhirter


Cinematography by Edward G. Dadulak


Edited by Paul Orehovec


Written by Ron Corcillo and Russ Carney of America


Produced by Ron Corcillo, David McWhirter and Russ Carney of America


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