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We’re still trying to tidy up this page — remove some weaker posts, add stronger ones — so bear with us. But in the meantime, since there’s so much stuff to see here, why not get started by clicking below?


A Heavily Redacted Halloween
World’s First Email Volley
Office Worker And The Bossman
Cute Roundish Stick Figures
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Clara And Pearl
Is Shel Silverstein Black or Jewish?
Middle Names
Quiz Results
Sesame Street Smackdown
Amazing Computer System Bargain Offer For You
Very Important New Macros
Glenn Beck The Clown
The YoVille Dead Man
Ultimate Reality Show Pitch: Macho Man
I Am The Man
California Stateland Security
Cleft Deodorant
Cartoon Police Composites
Keep It Moist
Bus Stop Mahalia
Flashing My Headlights
Hetereosexual Male Assplay Primer
Bad Ass Sports Teams Names Of Teams That I Like
Eight Exciting Ways I’d Like To Fuck Martha Stewart For Christmas
Manzanita Gold
The Hating Tree
Give The Holy Land To The Archaeologists
Saved By The Bell Reunion Treatment Rough Draft
The Family Email Address
I’m A Douche At Starbucks
WTF: Iron Rich Faggots
Amateur Celebrity Death Reporter
GM Auto Bailout Restructure Plan
Lesser Known Books From The Bible
RCoA Takes A Home Pregnancy Test
SitCom Laws A
Minor Complication: Shirley Ellis Name Game
Artwork: Ink & Paper At The National Conference
The Tramp Stamp
Malcolm Jamal-Warner: Who Drank All The Kool Aid
Rock On Man
We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone
LA X-Press Subscription Form
The Phantom Of The Opera Foam Hand
Art Appreciation
How To Kick A Little Kid’s Ass At The Pinewood Derby
The Rambonacci Sequence
What Is Russ Carney Of America
Where There Is Water There Is Coins
My Cats Think I Am Kim Jong Il
Jesus Christ vs. Joe Stevenson
Why Aren’t Men Allowed To Sit While Peeing
Novelty Snacks From Asian Markets
Lion Balls and Anus
Warning: Gay Friendly When Drunk
How To Put Yourself Out Of My Misery: Updated
How To Do Things Extra Creepy
Cops, The People’s Court And Borrowed Cars
Things You Don’t Hear At Black Parties
Homeopathic Chicken Soup Recipe
Alvin, Nutty Alvin
Why Arabs Hate Jews
Norad Tracks Santa
Gift Baiting
Doric Columns
For External Use Only
Joining The Hells Angels
Green Earth Tip 3
Green Earth Tip 1
Chauvinst Mad Lib
Blogging For Courtney Love
400% More Jackoff Magic Huge Yield Macho Man RussC
Three Types of Masturbation
Secret Valentine
Tune That Drum
How To Get Along With Her Parents
Life’s Euphemisms Decoded
Who’s The Boss Spec Script
Revive Five
How To Score A Free Meal From Granny



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