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Spending Time With Foreign Television

Whenever I go to an exotic new land such as Belize or Costa Rica, or even just a different city such as San Diego, I like to spend some time with their local television programming. I like to see what kinds of channels they have , what their “Channel 2 1/2 Action News Breaking News” graphics look like and whether or not the Read more

Amateur Celebrity Death Reporter

Boy, people sure like to be the first person to tell you when a celebrity dies, don’t they? Man I love that! That is one of my favorite things ever; I love to be the first person to break the news that someone well-known or important has died. There is nothing more awesome and rewarding than that. What an exquisite pleasure!

    RCoA: Hey man, that’s a great shirt.
    PERSON: Thanks dude! I got it at Mervyn’s.
    RCoA: Crazy. Hey, did you hear about Dom Deluise?
    PERSON: No, what happened?
    RCoA: [respectful pause] He died.
    PERSON: [gasp!] Really? Wow, that’s so sad. How did he die?
    RCoA: Not sure, they didn’t say in the news, but I’d guess it was natural causes.
    PERSON: Boy, that’s too bad. I just saw Blazing Saddles like two months ago.
    RCoA: Yeah.

It’s like a sport for me. Let’s say it’s the middle of the day and I’m at work and I catch wind that Marilyn Chambers or Bea Arthur just passed. I’d look around the office and see if people were talking about it yet. Do I detect an air of fake solemnity yet? No? Not yet? The buzz of laughter as a means to kill the fake pain? Not yet. Then I’d pick up my mug and head to the kitchen. On my way there, I’d Read more