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Lion Balls and Anus

My gf and I took a trip to the San Diego Wild Animal park in January. She and I, along with a dozen or so innocent children nearby were gravely poisoned by this horrific display of a sleeping lion. Since I do not like to suffer alone, I will now force you to look at the balls and anus of the king of the jungle, or in this case, the king of the Land Rover. The queen of the Land Rover was nearby sleeping under a log, occasionally opening her eyes to express disdain that her slacker king was not resisting the temptation of shiftlessness.







That’s some balls and anus, eh?


As a matter of public interest, if you search Google for “Lion Balls and Anus” (in quotations) this blog post is the ONLY result in the entire universe as of Feb 24 2009. But I’m sure it’s just a matter of time…



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