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No matter how frickin’ cool he was back in the day, every year when I see K.I.T.T. I notice how much older and less futuristic he seems. Maybe he’s even a little, uh, behind the times. He’s a great crimefighting tool, but you can’t Tweet in the Knight Industries Two-Thousand. You can’t update your Facebook status, check your GMails or draw a puzzle on Broken Picture Telephone because K.I.T.T. was too early-80s for that stuff.


Now they have people in your cars who speak to you but they’re real people named Daryl From OnCar and they just get too meddlesome unlike K.I.T.T. who kept a respectable distance and was devoted to being helpful only.


I miss you K.I.T.T. and I hope you are aging gracefully into your wireframe middle-ages. I’m sure Devon is smiling down on you from heaven.


Russ of America



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