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Sit-Com Laws (A)

If a sit-com character is from Sweden, his or her name must be Sven, Inga, Ingrid or Ingmar. It’s the law.


If a Latina appears in a sit-com as a subordinate character, she is likely to be a model or a cleaning lady. Regardless of her profession, her name will be something like Juanita, Lupe, Pilar, Hilda or Maria. If it is a man, his name will be Jesus, Juan, Eduardo or Jose. It’s the law.


Black people must be doctors, executives or lawyers. Their names will no longer be Leroy, Rastus or Buckwheat. It’s the law.


If there is a fat, dopey protagonist, his wife needs to be really hot and smart. Sarcastic and cynical is a plus. It’s the law.


An elderly woman should be either Read more

‘Big Butts Lobby’, It’s Time To Die

There is a conspiracy amidst a small group of white people to make sure that Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” remains at the forefront of our pop consciousness for the rest of time, because apparently it is the funniest and most creative hip-hop song white America has ever heard, and the Big Butt lobbyists want you to remember that forever.


I noticed that every few months, as an answer to dead air or to sell some stupid product that doesn’t need asses associated with it (like hamburgers) or as a need for a stronger comedy beat in a movie or TV show, “Baby Got Back” appears. It shows up out of the blue without any sort of context. It’s as though some asshole hack piece-of-shit writer, producer, director or network executive said at the pitch meeting, “Okay, this Read more