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Awkward Street Crossin’s

When I walk down the street late at night, which is quite frequently, I often spy someone walking towards me just a few dozen yards away. Usually that person will cross the street to avoid walking past me on that dark street. I can understand why they do that, because it’s scary at night and the news says that you can’t trust a stranger, and I’m definitely a stranger, but that fearful attitude really pisses me off! So I’ll cross the street at the same time they do, just so we’re still walking toward each other again. This makes them uncomfortable, so they’ll turn around and walk in the other direction. But that just encourages me to walk faster so I can catch up with that person! Silly-billy! I mean, hey, you’re an interesting person, right? And you’re walking away from me? That’s weird. Anyway, I’ll cough in an obvious way just to get their attention, so they know that I’m behind them and closing in.


I can usually tell when it’ll happen because I’ll see his or her head turn around and look at me with a touch of concern, but within a few tense moments of my arrival, the person will Read more

Random Photos 1

Two random photos:


Photo 1 was taken in LA’s Chinatown.
Okay, I’ll enjoy the ride!!! Stop screaming at me!!! So I guess we’re looking at a Ferris wheel emulator? There is a circus tent graphic at the bottom of the ride, which is consistent with Ferris wheels. However the engineer bear in the steam train kind of throws me off. What does a bear in a train have to do with a carnival or circus? I’m also perplexed by the Jackson Pollock splatter jazz adorning the circumference of the ride.


Photo 2 was taken at Barnes & Noble in West Covina.
I don’t have an editorial.



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