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Answers To Your Jackoff Queries 5

The world’s most popular search engines send me tons of visitors who have tons of jackoff-related questions. Here are more examples of their helpless queries and my helpful replies:


Q: can i jackoff into your ass
R: No.


Q: how to suppress urge to jackoff
R: Try rubberbands.


Q: how to jackoff more than once
R: That’s easy — Jerk off a second time.


Q: can you get skinny if you jack off alot Read more

Avoid The Restroom Dream At All Costs

If you ever have a dream where you’re entering a restroom, I’m telling ya, this is an official admonishment: DO NOT GO INTO THE RESTROOM, because I guarantee that you’ll wake up soaked in piss. I can’t stress this enough if you sleep with another human being in your bed. DON’T GO IN! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!


[slap slap slap slap!]



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