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‘Big Butts Lobby’, It’s Time To Die

There is a conspiracy amidst a small group of white people to make sure that Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” remains at the forefront of our pop consciousness for the rest of time, because apparently it is the funniest and most creative hip-hop song white America has ever heard, and the Big Butt lobbyists want you to remember that forever.


I noticed that every few months, as an answer to dead air or to sell some stupid product that doesn’t need asses associated with it (like hamburgers) or as a need for a stronger comedy beat in a movie or TV show, “Baby Got Back” appears. It shows up out of the blue without any sort of context. It’s as though some asshole hack piece-of-shit writer, producer, director or network executive said at the pitch meeting, “Okay, this Read more