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Ren Faire Motto

Ren Faire:


“Where even the fugly ones will make it into your spank bank.”


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Spending Time With Foreign Television

Whenever I go to an exotic new land such as Belize or Costa Rica, or even just a different city such as San Diego, I like to spend some time with their local television programming. I like to see what kinds of channels they have , what their “Channel 2 1/2 Action News Breaking News” graphics look like and whether or not the Read more

Send Tits Immediately!

I’m sorry. There is no time to argue or to debate this point, I need you to put whatever tits you have into a box and ship them off to me immediately!


I’d love to stay and chit-chat, but I have a big project that I’m working on and it’s imperative that you send tits post-haste!


Russ of America