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The Fashionistas on Snow Boots

The fashionistas have decided that when the temperature in Southern California reaches 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.33C), that’s an okay time to break out your best pair of Eskimo boots. The more fringe and tassels and pom-poms, the better!


It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s totally okay to wear a skirt or shorty-shorts and a tank top with the boots; The one main rule for wearing Eskimo boots is that the temperature MUST HAVE DROPPED TO 65F/18C. Even if it’s for only one day.


An interesting fashionista loophole: If the weather hasn’t yet hit 65F/18C, but it’s any time after mid-November, you are allowed to wear the Eskimo boots because it’s going to be winter soon. It could be 78F/25.5C degrees wherever you are, but if it’s mid-November, you can still wear the snow boots and everybody’ll think you’re a gorgeous little darling in your form-fitting tanktop and plain-jane jean skirt. You don’t even have to wear panties!


*Scoff!* Like you need my permission to wear panties… You won’t!



[c] 2008 Russ of America

The Gentle Dominatrix

Sometimes you need a dominatrix to boss you around and spank your tush, but why are they always so gruff and hostile? Generally, I’m a pretty cooperative guy. If you ask me to do something, and if I recognize you as an authority, I’ll probably do it, so I don’t understand why all of the aggression and acrimony comes standard in a dominatrix.


Sometimes I need a dominatrix who’s gentle and friendly.


“Please lick my boots, slave.”
[licking boots]
“Is that okay, Mistress?”
“It’s satisfactory, but maybe you want to try a little harder to please me?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
[licking boots]
“Well, that was okay; I certainly applaud your effort, but Mistress may not have derived as much pleasure from that as she could have. Can you please try again?”
“I’m sorry to have disappointed you, Mistress. I’ll try harder.”
“You haven’t disappointed me, but I would appreciate if you would concentrate a little more.”
[licking boots]
“How was that, Mistress?”
“That was a good effort, and you certainly produced. You are a good slave.”
“Thank you for the edifying feedback, Mistress!”
“You’re quite welcome. Now I will spank your tush.”
“Thank you, Mistress, may I have another?”
“Please lick my other boot first, slave.”
“Yes, Mistress.”



[c] 2008 Russ of America