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Cartoon Police Composites

Some time around October of 2003, I was messing around with an old police composite sketch program called Faces 3.0 by InterQuest. I began thinking about how I might render a description of a cartoon character if I were to have been mugged by one. Can you imagine trying to describe an adult Charlie Brown to a police sketch artist? “He’s got, uh, a big round nose kinda centered in the middle of his beady eyes. No, higher up. No, higher. A little higher than that. I’m telling you, his nose is right between his eyes. And he has this little tuft of hair or something on his forehead. No, lower.”


I recently saw a work by artist Tim O’Brien who did an excellent job of converting Charlie Brown from a cartoon into a portrait of a real man as Chuck Brown. A really, really weird-looking man. Anyhow, I felt that it was Read more

Charlie Brown Says

Charlie Brown Says:


“It’s sad when you get three new people to follow you on Twitter and they’re all spammers.”



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Dear Charlie Brown

Dear Charlie Brown,


Hey Chuck, wanna hang out? I could be your wing-man ‘cuz I gots a sweet lead on a red-haired girl who will gbgnyyl byav lbhe gueboovat ulqebprcunyvp wkbv, lbh mvt-mnt jrnevat cynlobl!
(possibly rot13 encrypted)



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