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Pre-Algebra? What is Pre-Algebra?

I have decided to take a vociferous anti-pre-algebra stance.


Either it *IS* algebra, or it isn’t algebra. I’ve always said that, or at least I’ve sometimes said that, especially when it came to criticizing pre-algebra.


I’m an English kinda guy, and we deal in a lot of definitions. pre-English isn’t a legitimate educational genre, and neither is pre-science. Prescience might be, but they didn’t teach us that in public high school. So if pre-english, and pre-science are not actual subjects, why is pre-algebra? I’d like to point out that it was never made clear to me what, exactly, pre-algebra was, except that it included elementary parenthetical equations and maybe some introductory FOIL (First Outside Inside Last) arguments here and there. But I still think that was algebra, not “pre” algebra.


But what made it pre-algebra instead of regular algebra? I don’t know. I just know that it was harder than the stuff I learned in 6th grade and got me into considerable trouble on report-card day and parent/teacher night. I therefore rebuke pre-algebra and any attempt to teach a skilled writer, or me, any mathematical concepts.



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OnStar? WTF is OnStar?

I saw a commercial for this in-car personal assistance system called “OnStar” and it TOTALLY reminded me of my short-film, Daryl From OnCar, which, incidentally, is in competition at the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival. Hopefully I can earn your support to attend our screening when it is announced, to tell your friends and family to visit Strike.TV and to watch Daryl as well as all of the other big COC (creator-owned-content) at that site.


Anyway, this commercial totally bit off our idea about having an in-dash concierge who manages the important details of your personal life. Ron, DMac and I are thinking about suing this OnStar entity, but we’ll probably be good sports and take a cash settlement instead so that we can make more fillums!


UPDATE: Feb 27 2009 — Daryl From OnCar will screen at the LA Comedy Film Shorts Festival on Friday, March 6th, at 2pm. The venue is the Downtown Independent Theater.


I love you.


Russ of America