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Saved By The Bell Reunion Treatment Rough Draft

Pick up the Motorola Brick, Zack — Hollywood’s calling.


Thanks in part to Jimmy Fallon’s Petition, I just got word that a Saved By The Bell reunion is possible according to Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Awesome. I can wipe the drool off of the vinyl and get back to my regular schedule, i.e. trying to remember how many As there are in Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Three? Four? Fuck if I know.


I’m not one to waste any time getting to work, so here’s my first beat sheet for the reunion treatment. Now, I can’t remember who was dating or married or whatever on their last episode, and I didn’t watch The College Years very closely, so instead of doing research, I’m going to start from scratch. Let’s call it a Saved By The Bell brand reboot Read more

Green Earth Tip #2

Russ of America’s Green Earth Tips


Please help to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It’s important that you use water-based jack-off cremes instead of ones with petroleum bases. It’s also important that you tell your congressional representative that you are opposed to off-shore drilling because you have plenty of stars-and-stripes, union-friendly jack-off options here at home.



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