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Dian, Jane or Dora? Who’s The Real Scientist?

I’ve seen a lot of things out there in life. A lot of things. And sometimes it’s difficult to discern truth from fiction, especially when it comes to liberal, bleeding-heart feminist propaganda. So I will use the scissor of conservative truth to cut through that politically correct feminist dogma and to expose the truth. But first, a quiz:


Please think about this very carefully for a few minutes. Of the following three women from history (or maybe more appropriately from “herstory”,) who is an actual scientist and who is fake? Dian Fossey, Jane Goodall or Dora The Explorer?



Yes, I know your kind. You’re semi-literate and you’ve been taught some really compelling “facts” by some very “reputable” people. The brainwashing likely began as early as nursery school when Read more

2 Earth Hour Observers Spend 1hr in Darkness With 2 Cats

RCoA and his lovely GF observed Earth Hour tonight at 8:30pm by turning off the lights for one hour. RCoA’s two cats are mostly unaffected, except that Cat #2’s heating blanket is being turned off as well. The other cat doesn’t use electricity. Cities, villages and towns across the world are taking advantage of this event to vocalize their feelings about global warming and the future of worldwide energy. For me it’s a statement against our voracious appetites for energy. In my humble domicile, I am also attempting to reduce other electrical usage in the hut where practical. The folks at EarthHour.org did, for example, encourage bloggers to write live posts about their event, which we would be unable to do if we turned off our routers and DSL modems. I opted to use my laptop battery to power my internets. That should cut down a few watts over the hour… Dare I pull the plug on the refrigerator too? Why not.


I’m aware of Earth Hour counter-protesters. I couldn’t really find a cogent argument for why they were doing it, except just to be contrary and to mock the “sheeples.” It’s sort of ironic if the core of your enlightened protest against the sheeples is to do exactly the opposite of what they say. Kinda makes you a knee-jerk anti-sheeple, and I’m not sure which is worse. Most of the sites I accessed seemed to be run either by ultra-conservatives or the anti-Illuminati. The ultra-conservatives usually have their hackles up against anything even remotely liberal, and that’s fair, I guess. Earth Hour seems like a fairly left-wing idea so I guess I understand where they’re coming from. They’re being consistent. But some members of the conservative groups also vocalized tangential protests, like how they would turn on the engines of their gas guzzlers and burn a few steaks on the bbq and smoke cigars as double, triple and quadruple protest! Wow. You tell those liberals! The anti-Illuminati types seemed to be against participating in environmental issues because it is a form of mind-control and possibly a mechanism of that dark New World Order spook. Oh, and there was a presence from the Ayn Rand disciples who essentially perceive Earth Hour to be a suppression of the symbolic achievements mankind has made from cave to skyscraper. An hour of elective darkness against millions of years of mankind? I don’t get the comparison.


I’m not a scientist and I don’t have access to the global warming statistics, nor would I know how to interpret them convincingly enough to counter all arguments from either of the groups mentioned above. I do know that America is a gluttonous country that seems to be progressing and consuming far quicker than its infrastructure will allow. Energy has a cost no matter how it is produced, and wasting any bit of it is foolish. Burning coal, a finite resource, to produce electricity is neither a good long-term solution to America’s energy needs nor is it conducive to clean air. I don’t understand how turning on more lights in protest of EarthHour is going to add to national coal stockpiles. Moot if you don’t live in a coal region maybe, but valid if you do. And if you are one of the stogie-puffing chest-thumpers who are snarkily igniting your sport-futility vehicle engines to teach the liberals a lesson, your point has been made, and kudos to you for being wealthy enough to take last year’s ridiculous gas prices on the chin, or to eagerly and freely donate the lives of your corn-fed youth to fight oil wars so that you can retain your god-given right to drive your over-powered urban assault vehicles.


Environmentalism as religion is no good, I agree. Environmentalism for many is nothing more than a personal sport and it has roots in the old camping rule, that you leave your campsite in the same or better condition than you found it. The wastrels don’t understand that, and that’s why many Americans hate camping alongside you.





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The $10,000,000 Dowsing Challenge

The use of dowsing or divining rods to find hidden objects, from water, to gold, to dead bodies, is a scientific practice dating back thousands of years. Every item that God put on earth emits a magnetomic frequention between 1qei-1603qei**. The dowser, if attuned to the appropriate frequention through conviction of faith and science, is able to use his or her rods to biangulate the location of the desired item, up to 20,000 feet below the earth’s crustula. Disbelievers, or “haters”, claim that magnetomical or any other form of divining is “a fallacy” (as some of the bloggers call it) in spite of incontrovertible evidence proving that biangulation of magnetomic frequention is a provable, demonstrable and working scientific concept equivalent to main-stream scientific laws such as electricity, fluid dynamics and magnetic healing. The disbelievers spread their hate and terror through their baseless opinions and myopic dogma in the form of arrogantly ignorant demands that dowsing scientists should have to *prove* our extraordinary claims because somehow the burden is on us to prove science, instead of on them to disprove the science. Science is facts, not theory. Duh! And you use facts to prove a theory, not a science! Duh! If you have a problem with dowsing, that’s just your theory and you have to prove that it does NOT work, and not the other way around. Since when did people with inexplicable claims ever have to prove anything first? That’s up to your alleged “scientific science.” If you can’t accept this obviousness, then I pity you, but I will keep my heart open to forgive you.


To put the haters to rest once and for all, I am organizing The Dowsing Challenge. It is estimated that there are between 4-7 million abandoned landmines in Cambodia. My plan is to compile a team of 1000 dowsers, funded by your charitable donations of no less than $10,000,000 or more, to travel to Cambodia. Once there we will help to biangulate and to clear landmines using no scientific method other than dowsing. We will disarm the landmines with acupuncture, distance healing, free energy, and homeopathics. Then we will restore polluted soil to its original shape by using the rejuvenative power of magnets and ionic bracelets to regenerate the once pristine Cambodian soil. Anyone who has faith in dowsing as strongly as I, is asked to immediately fund or to join my crew and to do something positive with their god-given scientific or financial resources as I have chosen to do. If you know a lot of non-dowsers, urge them to offer their financial support. If you are an intelligent person you will donate money to this cause because it speaks to a very important humanitarian issue: saving helpless little children and the world-weary elderly from excruciating death and the discomfort of disfigurement. I should also remind you that by donating money to this cause you will be preserving your freedoms as a god-blessed American dowser, or as a lifelong faithful supporter (if you yourself do not dowse.) If you do not, within a short time span the government will intervene and reveal to you that the pinko liberals have successfully lobbied to suppress your rights of expressing yourself through divining, and so you can’t do it anymore. Are you going to give them this power?


More details on the $10,000,000 Dowsing Challenge to follow.


** qei (alt: QEI) (pron: quee) is the dowser’s preferred unit of measurement for magnetomic energy frequention. According to many documents found on the Internet, Queen Elizabeth I was said to be a proponent of dowsing, to the extent that she ordered dowsers to assist English miners with locating valuable mineral seams. It is for this reason that we dowsers have co-opted her initials for our preferred measurement unit. We could have used Charles Richet’s initials, but his name doesn’t come up a whole lot in pop-culture so not a lot of people know who he is, and it was much easier to turn QEI into “quee” than it would be to turn CR into something resembling a word. It also deserves mention that magnetomic frequention is not the same thing as electromagnetic frequencies (alt: EMF), which is totally a pseudo-scientific concept.



[c] 2009 Russ of America