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Geico Inshrewance

Geico is insuring everybody now. Automobile drivers, motorcyclists, ATV enthusiasts.


Lloyd’s of London is notorious for its “bumbum” policies, insuring the most inane shit:  Dolly’s breasts, Jimmy Durante’s nose, Catherine Zeta-Jones’ genitals and other actors’ junk and legs and stuff.


I wonder if anyone would sell me insurance to protect me in case a future girlfriend turns out to be a real nag or a totally selfish control-freak bitch. I’m sure I’d have to pay some pretty high premiums. Then again, if they were too high, her control-freak-ass would probably notice the bill fairly quickly and nag me about the expense and I’d get my money that much sooner. “This money should be in a high-yield savings account earning five percent!”


I wonder how that all works.



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