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Crazy Gideon Doesn’t Scare Me One Iota

To hell with that “Crazy Electronics Salesguy” crap. I don’t care if you’re New York’s Crazy Eddie or LA’s Crazy Gideon . I don’t care, because whoever you are, I guarantee that you’re not actually crazy, it’s all just an act to sell some crappy electronics! Oh yeah, I’ve figured you out. I got your number.


So, you crazy fakers, you can smash as many VCRs on your head as you want, I can smash three times, no TEN times more VCRs on my head than you can! Wait, VCRs? Yeah, I’m WAY nuttier than you! I’m so whacked out of my gourd that I’m still smashing VCRs on my head. You think you’re so crazy because you cut the price on an already overpriced vacuum? I can sell fifteen of your crappy HDTV sets for 99% off, go home at night, whip a neighbor real good, stick a ginger root up my ass, make love to my bathtub, fall asleep and walk back into work the following morning at 7:59 for a new shift of sales! That’s how messed up *I* am in the head.


You’re not so crazy, you stupid electronics sales guys.



[c] 2009 Russ of America