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Jesus’ Chocolaty Burden

Easter is right around the corner. Why not celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ by blasphemously eating his chocolaty burden? Or by opening his egg and eating his candy therein. He won’t mind, for he is risen! (It says so on the egg!)




I’m no theological historian, but I’m fairly certain that He didn’t schlep this delicious crossy mess all the way to Golgotha. If He had, across the hot middle-eastern sun, there probably wouldn’t have been anything left for Him to be nailed to. I’m just sayin’ that nails in the arm don’t stick to chocolate. That could be a song! (But I hope it isn’t.)


Thank you Dollar Tree for making my Sunday afternoon a weird one. If you don’t have a Dollar Tree in your neck of the woods and you wish to indulge in this sinful, er, uh, sinless treat you can pick up a milk chocolate cross here. I guess chocolate crosses are everywhere, just like His love.



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