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Saved By The Bell Reunion Treatment Rough Draft

Pick up the Motorola Brick, Zack — Hollywood’s calling.


Thanks in part to Jimmy Fallon’s Petition, I just got word that a Saved By The Bell reunion is possible according to Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Awesome. I can wipe the drool off of the vinyl and get back to my regular schedule, i.e. trying to remember how many As there are in Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Three? Four? Fuck if I know.


I’m not one to waste any time getting to work, so here’s my first beat sheet for the reunion treatment. Now, I can’t remember who was dating or married or whatever on their last episode, and I didn’t watch The College Years very closely, so instead of doing research, I’m going to start from scratch. Let’s call it a Saved By The Bell brand reboot Read more

Daryl From OnCar PWNS Best Comedy Short!

I’m pleased to announce that Daryl From OnCar won Best Comedy Short at the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival this past weekend. The event was spectacular. The hosts Jeannie Roshar, Ryan Higman and Gary Anthony Williams did an amazing job. The festival was put together very nicely, the blocks were well thought out, the parties were awesome, and the people were terrific. I really liked the almost sleep-away camp feel. In the last four days our team built some strong affinities with other participants and we were really impressed by the talented, funny people we met. I’m looking forward to meeting them all again.


Congratulations to Team Daryl for a nice win. I think above and beyond the sweet trophy, the prize money and the awesome meetings we are soon to have with some industry bigwigs, it was really sweet to know that reps from Atomic Wedgie and Funny or Die already knew who we were, liked our film, and were willing to schmooze us during the parties. Everybody was very gracious to us. Thank you.


Our BFFs were: Gary Anthony Williams. That handsome young man did a lot for us, including scoring us some great meetings with a variety of people. My favorite was Kelly Frazier. She was sweet as pie, enthusiastic, and she was the one who gave me the balls to introduce myself to Mark Hamill in spite of my social ineptitude and logical instincts. She pushed me toward him then disappeared at the last second, but I guess she was trying to keep from cock-blocking me from him. I suppose that I owe her a debt of gratitude. Thank you Kelly; I hope our paths cross again in a future far, far away.


The gorgeous Wendi McLendon-Covey and her good-looking husband Greg were really sweet to us. Wendi assured me that she didn’t throw anything away and that I shouldn’t worry that our $0.08 CVS full-color 3×4 poster cards would get tossed in the garbage. I trusted her and we happened to win. Awesome. Wendi = good luck. Greg was very nice too. He’s used to the fanaticism that follows his attractive wife. He’s attractive too, in case there are any groupies out there. It’s just a thought. He’s tall, warm and cuddly.


Phil Lamarr is one of my faves. I’m not sure if he attended a Learning Annex class on how to show interest in the comedic works of an up-and-comer, but if anyone in the industry were interested in taking lessons, it should be from Phil. His enthusiasm was infectious and he was seemingly interested in our project and in what we had to say. It was a nice moment when Phil Lamarr recognized me as one of the winners and took a second to congratulate me as I was hiding behind a curtain in a corner. Thanks Phil.


Mark Hamill gave me about 35 seconds of his life before he started to look “toward the stars,” as it were. I figured that was pretty good considering I dropped the best name I could drop for him to acknowledge me and he DID take my card. After looking at some of the photos from the evening, I kind of got the vibe that Bobcat Goldthwaite, who won the Commie Award and who gave me about 20 seconds of his life, wanted to choke me out, as did Cedric Yarborough, from whom I got about 10 seconds of his life. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong, but whatever it was, it was rubbing the celebs the wrong way. Sorry guys. I hope you’ll forgive me and someday be my Facebook friends.


Thank you to everyone who supported Daryl From OnCar and who continues to promote and to believe in us.

Russ Carney of America, Ron Corcillo, David McWhirter thank everyone who supported Daryl From Oncar and who continues to promote and to believe in us. We also thank all cast and crew members, including the delicious Bob Clendenin, the uber-sexy Michele Scarabelli, temptress Madelynn Fattibene, macho Stephen Mendel, visionary Edward G. Daulak, mixmaster Andrew Edelman, David Kwok, Rebecca Scott, Gretchen Raff, Geralyn Ruane, tough Floyd Dodd, and bar none the hardest-working man on the project, Paul Orehovec. Thank you each and every one of you, we are all genuinely grateful and our win is virtually nothing without your contributions.


Your pal,


Russ Carney of America


Happy! Daryl @ LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival

Had a great time at the J Lounge party hosted by Aisha Tyler, re: the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival. I bumped elbows with some of my faves – Phil Lamarr (MadTV, Family Guy, various Wolverine VOs) and Wendi McLendon-Covey (Reno 911, Boutonniere, Spooner) and Cedric Yarborough (Reno 911, How I Met Your Mother, Black Dynamite.) I literally bumped elbows with Cedric, or vice-versa. I was standing behind him at the bar and he HIT ME WITH HIS ELBOW! CALL HARVEY LEVIN!! We couldn’t get any time with Cedric, but I enjoyed tremendously our several minutes with Phil and Wendi. Thank you for hanging with Ron and me. Loved also hanging with the extraordinarily talented improv artist/actor Gary Anthony Williams (Malcolm In The Middle, Boston Legal, The Factory.)


Friday, March 6th, 2pm is the screening for Daryl From OnCar. Looking forward to a room full of laughing people. I hope, I hope, I hope.




OnStar? WTF is OnStar?

I saw a commercial for this in-car personal assistance system called “OnStar” and it TOTALLY reminded me of my short-film, Daryl From OnCar, which, incidentally, is in competition at the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival. Hopefully I can earn your support to attend our screening when it is announced, to tell your friends and family to visit Strike.TV and to watch Daryl as well as all of the other big COC (creator-owned-content) at that site.


Anyway, this commercial totally bit off our idea about having an in-dash concierge who manages the important details of your personal life. Ron, DMac and I are thinking about suing this OnStar entity, but we’ll probably be good sports and take a cash settlement instead so that we can make more fillums!


UPDATE: Feb 27 2009 — Daryl From OnCar will screen at the LA Comedy Film Shorts Festival on Friday, March 6th, at 2pm. The venue is the Downtown Independent Theater.


I love you.


Russ of America