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Scavenger Hunt 1: The Dollar Store

I like to find weird shit in weird stores. For me, life is a collection of stories and one long scavenger hunt. One of the best places for a scavenger hunt is in one of those stores where everything costs a buck. Or where everything costs just under a buck, or where MOST things costs a buck but some things are cheaper than a buck, or you get two or three things for a buck, or even six things for a buck, or sometimes they’re even a little more expensive than a buck, but not TOO much more expensive than a buck because everything is trying to cost right around a buck. The 99 Cent Store, Dollar Tree, and the ridiculously surreal ghetto-fab Q Bargain are good examples. I like that there are aisles and aisles of junk food. Cookies, candies, sweets, crackers, sugars, pastas, breads. Although there are a lot of great bargains, these stores can be diabetic temptresses. An important sociological study could be undertaken on that pithy observation, right?


My favorite part of the dollar store experience is the scavenger hunt. There are so many Read more

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: Who Drank All The Kool-Aid?

I’ve had this magazine clipping since 1991. For almost 20 YEARS I’ve been looking at it and I *STILL* can’t tell if this ad is racist or not. I *suspect* that it is, but I can’t tell for sure because I got it from a magazine aimed at a black demographic.



Chuck D of Public Enemy if you’re reading my blog, three things: 1) WTF are you doing reading my blog? 2) Tell everybody you know! 3) Would you please shed some light on this ad and help me to decide if it’s racist? I want to think that it is, but I’m having trouble because Malcolm-Jamal Warner looks so goddamn happy, and who the hell am *I* to decide whether or not a young black man is allowed to be happy about Kool-Aid?


If any of you happen to be Twitter or Facebook friends with Chuck, can you please send him over here for a look-see? And if you are black and reading my blog, I’d appreciate your input as well. And shit, if you’re tight with Malcolm-Jamal, I’d love to get his feedback on this ad too! I guess I’ve convinced myself over the years that Kool-Aid is a tool of black suppression wielded by white corporate America, as throughout history they have aggressively marketed a beverage with zero nutritional value and ridiculously high sugar content directly to a people who are, statistically, gravely at risk of developing diabetes. And let’s not forget Jonestown. Sure it was cyanide-laced “Flavor Aid”, but was Flavor Aid much different from Kool-Aid? On the other hand, Kool-Aid is playfully mocked as a charming, folksy staple of urban black culture in movies such as House Party, so I dunno what position I’m supposed to take. I trust Chuck D on these matters, so I’ll yield to him. Jesse Jackson, you’re free to vocalize as well, but Al Sharpton, please stay out of this until you get a respectable haircut. I don’t need you coming up here looking like a 1990s DJ Quik, leaving provocative comments and shit.


“Who drank all the Kool-Aid? I did…And I’m ready to make some more.”



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