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Two Minutes Max Before I Drop The Fonz Bomb On Henry

After meeting Henry Winkler, how long does the average person last before he mentions The Fonz? They probably had the best intentions before introducing themselves, even if they were completely daft to matters of tact and propriety, but I bet that it’s only a matter of what, three minutes max, before the average person mentions The Fonz after meeting Henry Winkler? Shit, I’d be lucky to go two whole minutes without saying anything Fonz-related. And I’m talking about if you met him by chance at your cousin’s wedding at the buffet, not at a TV and Film expo or something where he’s signing autographs.

I’m not one to be starstruck. I stopped collecting autographs when I was a little kid. Big whoop for me, I’ve met a few celebrities and have had a few chances to shake my jawbone at them for a little bit and have been unmotivated to collect an autograph unless it were someone like Read more