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Fuck Silver Lake


3 minutes 46 seconds. (3.45 megabytes)


Features samples of:
Lenny Bruce – Don’s Big Dago
James Brown – The Boss
Average White Band – Pick Up the Pieces


[INTRO – Lenny Bruce]
Culture changes wherever you go…
Los Angeles…
And very innocently too.
You’ll see big signs.
And think nothing of that kind of a sign.
Now I picture a poor guy who was raised in Los Angeles;
“Ya bastard!” >POP!<


Verse 1 (a la Eminem pastiche)
Fuck Silver Lake,
There’s disease in your wake.
Please give but don’t take
And honor the sake of the residents.
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Is Shel Silverstein Black Or Jewish?

Remember the photo of Shel Silverstein on the liner sleeve of The Giving Tree? The scary one where he’s posing with a guitar? Yeah. And what about the back of that book? Remember that swarthy bald guy with the beard? The one who looked like a thin Suge Knight? Well? Is Shel Silverstein Black or Jewish?

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