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Memorandum: Communication Policy Change re: Abbreviations



TO: All @ All
FROM: Russ of America, CEO, 400% More Jackoff Magic
SUBJECT: Communication Policy Change re: Abbreviations


To better foster improved communication between departments we are going to beta-test the elimination of abbreviations effective immediately. When interacting with other departments and our clients, please be sure to write out your thoughts completely. “Etc” should be written out as “et cetera”. (This will also help some of our employees get over that habit of typing “ect”.) “B&W” will be written out as “black and white”. In place of typing “ROFLMAO” to other departments and to our clients, you are being asked to convert this secret code to a more clear “rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!”


While we understand that this may reduce productivity, our analysts believe the benefits to our ability to communicate with each other and with our clients should improve 550-600%


Russ of America, CEO –er, I mean Chief Executive Officer — 400% More Jackoff Magic



[c] 2009 Russ of America