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Eazy-E vs William Shakespeare

“I look you dead in the eye,
Then I spit.
I tell you to your face,
Punk, you ain’t shit!'”
– Eazy-E / Two Hard Muthas


“I do defy him,
And I spit at him;
Call him a slanderous coward
And a villain!”
– William Shakespeare / King Richard II


I wish I could remember the name of the person who first brought this bizarre parallel to my attention, but I can’t. However, I first learned of it circa 1996, so I’ve been aware of it for at least a decade and a half, and I’ve always appreciated the intellect that was able to bring these two circles together in this weird hip-hop/literature Venn diagram. Thanks, stranger! And honestly, if you’re looking for something to punch up your cardio workout, I’m gonna suggest you go with Eazy-E. If you’re looking for something to make your hips and/or brain bigger, go with Shakespeare.




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