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Beatrice Likes Her Some Fuckin’ Hats!

Could This Be Beatrice?!



“But mummy, which one’s *my* hat?”
“It’s the one with your name on it, love.”
“It’s the one with your name on it.”
“Then is my name Peterbilt?”
“No dear, it’s Beatrice!”
“Then is my name Heineken or Green Day?”
“No dear, it’s Beatrice!”
“Then is my name Von Dutch or San Diego Padres?”
“No dear, it’s Beatrice!”
“Well then which one’s *my* hat, mummy?!” <stamps foot>
“<sigh> Just take the ugliest fucking hat, princess.”



We’re We're Beatrice! !!



[c] 2011 Russ of America
Image stolen from HuffingtonPost.com


A Prayer to Kevin Fagan

Dear Kevin Fagan,


If you find it within your divine guidance, please help Ben get a copy of his favorite Drabble comic strip — the one where Norm sits on the Abraham Lincoln hat and gets really embarrassed. I tried emailing you a bunch of years ago to see if I could get a copy for him as a gift, but I never got a response. I don’t blame you because I think my email went through a syndicate email address or something, but anyway, he’s waited for years and he really deserves it. Amen.


Russ of America


PS: I don’t know if you take requests, but I’d like to see a really violent Drabble where someone gets mauled in the neck by that good-looking duck. And also maybe one where Norm and Wendy get busy sexually. But the priority is on getting Ben his Abraham Lincoln Drabble! If you do this, I’ll quickly rescind my request for the special Drabbles. Amen.



[c] 2009 Russ of America