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Sigh… I’m Doing Okay, I Guess…

Oh for fuck’s sake, when someone asks you, “Hey man, how ya doin’?!” would you *pleeeease* stop sighing and whining about how BLEHHH you are?


When someone asks you how you’re doing, in that fraction of a second that it takes you to think of which one of your bullshit woes you want to complain about, you should Read more


It’s easy to be angry at people. People are fucking idiots.


People individually are stupid and collectively are fucking idiots.


Experts will agree that it’s easy to be angry at people, because people are fucking idiots, but they’ll remind you that you have a social obligation to challenge yourself to be accepting of people, even when they’re acting like fucking idiots.


Experts are fucking idiots.



[c] 2006 Russ of America

Your Panties

Are those your panties in the laundry room?


They’re very nice.


And big. Those are nice, big panties. Not TOO big! Not too big that you should get self conscious or develop an eating disorder but big enough to look at the pretty fabric. Oh! It’s marvelous!


Small panties: you can’t see the pattern. You can see the pattern if you’re looking at the front but otherwise you can’t see the pattern because there’s not enough fabric on the back of small panties. Small panties are small. And why do panties have that beige interior?


Big panties: you can see the entire pattern because it goes all the way around the panties. All around the big panties.


UH-OH!! These panties have a lace trim. A sexy, black lace trim! UH-OH!!


This panty that you’ve left in the laundry room is purple and magenta and green and it’s paisley and shiny and gorgeous and pretty and wonderful!!


And it’s hanging on a hook. Right there.


I see it!


Hanging on a hook in the laundry room. You should pick it up.


They’re your panties. You should pick up your FABULOUS magenta black lace panties because they’re there in the laundry room.


Right there in the laundry room. Are those your panties?


I see them!


Please take your fucking panties out of the laundry room.



[c] 2006 Russ of America